Doctor Who Timeline
This page presents a timeline of the Doctor and his companions, focusing on the fourth Doctor era.[1] Interestingly, serial 88 was the only televised adventure in which the fourth Doctor traveled without a companion.
Season Serial Doctor Companions
Number Title
11 070 The Time Warrior Third Doctor (Gallifrey male) Sarah Jane Smith (Earth female)
071 Invasion Of The Dinosaurs
072 Death To The Daleks
073 The Monster Of Peladon
074 Planet Of The Spiders
12 075 Robot Fourth Doctor (Gallifrey male) Harry Sullivan (Earth male)
076 The Ark In Space
077 The Sontaran Experiment
078 Genesis Of The Daleks
079 Revenge Of The Cybermen
13 080 Terror Of The Zygons
081 Planet Of Evil
082 Pyramids Of Mars
083 The Android Invasion
084 The Brain Of Morbius
085 The Seeds Of Doom
14 086 The Masque Of Mandragora
087 The Hand Of Fear
088 The Deadly Assassin
089 The Face Of Evil Leela (Sevateem female)
090 The Robots Of Death
091 The Talons Of Weng-Chiang
15 092 Horror Of Fang Rock
093 The Invisible Enemy K-9 Mark I (Earth robot)[2]
094 Image Of The Fendahl
095 The Sun Makers
096 Underworld
097 The Invasion Of Time
16 098 The Ribos Operation Romanadvoratrelundar, aka Romana (Gallifrey female) K-9 Mark II (Gallifrey robot)[3]
099 The Pirate Planet
100 The Stones Of Blood
101 The Androids Of Tara
102 The Power Of Kroll
103 The Armageddon Factor
17 104 Destiny Of The Daleks
105 City Of Death
106 Creature From The Pit
107 Nightmare Of Eden
108 The Horns Of Nimon
108.5 Shada
18 109 The Leisure Hive
110 Meglos
111 Full Circle Adric (Alzarius male)
112 State Of Decay
113 Warrior's Gate
114 The Keeper Of Traken Nyssa (Traken female)
115 Logopolis Tegan Jovanka (Earth female)
  1. List of Doctor Who Serials
  2. K-9 Mark I was constructed by Professor Marius in the year 5000 as detailed here, using Earth technology.
  3. K-9 Mark II was constructed by the Doctor as detailed here, using Time Lord technology. Thus although cosmetically K-9 Mark II was very similar to Mark I, the features and personality of the robot were different.