TARDIS Room Project
The spare room is becoming a TARDIS room, incidentally also acting as my Home Theatre.
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Elements include:

  1. prototype
  2. roundel wall panels
  3. roundel closet doors
  4. columns

I started by making a prototype with the materials I planned to use. The results were good, with the exception of using an acrylic strip as a roundel liner. I decided cardstock paper would work better.

As an experiment, I tried filling the roundel gap with expanding foam, then trimming it back to fit the roundel. Eventually, I decided that approach was too much work and would be too expensive.

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Roundel Wall Panels
Roundel Closet Doors

The roundel closet doors are constructed from 30" primed hollow core doors. The doors turned out to be not as hollow as I expected, containing glued-in cardboard spacers. I used the router to cut 18" circles from the front of the doors only, leaving the back panel intact. Then I cut strips from cardstock paper for the roundel lining. The cardstock wasn't long enough, so I had to splice two pieces together.

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